[dragonraid] Condolences

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From: dstaley@...
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:21:25 -0400

Colin wrote:
>Alas, my character (Erevan Of The Ash Bow) bought the farm last
>night. A rampaging giant thought that "Mashed Erevan" sounded like a
>good appetizer. Let us all mourn the loss of this once great (now >putty)
adventurer. *Sniff*
*sniff*   Taran sends his regrets, but his heart is comforted by the fact
that Erevan is now in the Everlasting Kingdom!
I'm sure they will have rememberance services at the Academy, but at the
time Taran is in the DragonLands on a mission to search for a fellow
TwiceBorn's 'Lost Brother'.