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From: Kevin Robinson <slaveof1@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:38:34 -0700 (PDT)
Barring the Dinotopian armor and packs and stuff, I really like the
idea of a harbor town from which Lightraiders launch off into the wild
blue yonder on missionary journeys to other lands or even to
Dragonland coasts accompanied by talking whales or the like as guides
of the Overlord even if just temporary!
What a great idea!

---Nathan King <nking@...> wrote:
> At 10:01 PM 8/27/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >I wrote:
> >>An Animal Master could have a sea creature as a helper, within =
> >>reason.  Not a humpback whale, for instance.
> >
> >Brian wrote:
> >>Why not? Is it there a size factor? I can imagine, for instance, an 
> >>Animal Master with a companion Elephant, under certain
> >>(Hannibal-the converted)
> >>If it is a game balance thing, I would certainly put a whale of a 
> >>restriction for gaining that sort of companion. Only very matured
> >>the Spirit should qualify. "Gee, Jonah I sure am sorry. Your SS
> >was 
> >>a little low. Perhaps the group can pray that you get spit out on
> >>somewhere..."
> >
> >The restriction would have a more practical nature.  A LightRaider
> >ride an elephant, sleep with it, drag trees around, whatever.  A
> >would have to swim next to a ship, or stick close to land, and a few
> >other impractical things.  And remember, we are talking about an
> >Companion.  A special, talking beast that is bonded to the
> >for life.  The LightRaider would be stuck close to the ocean if he
had a
> >whale for a companion.   Even a porpoise (  a talking Flipper ) would
> >impose travel restrictions.
> >
> >An Animal Master using a non-talking whale, porpoise, giant crab
etc., on
> >a temporary basis is a different ( and allowable, I should think)
> >subject.
> >
> >Joe R
> The possibility arises that the light raider could be totally aquatic
> (merman/woman) or a sea going personality in general and has a hard
> going inland. I realize that this would restrict them somewhat on
> raids, but as a supplement, I don't see why aquatic adventures and
> adveturers couldn't exist. For normal Lightraiders, though, it would
> impractical to have an aquatic companion, I agree. For those LR's
who DID
> have one, obviously the two would have to have some way to meet back
> should the LR go inland for any length of time. Also, an idea just
> into my head. In the Leiberated land there could be a port town
> Water by name) in which ships were built and sent with the OLMN's
> to go to other lands and save the lost. There could also be whale
> where the whales are atteded to medically and allowed to sleep
safely or be
> loaded up with cargo (whale packs of some sort? I guess this is
starting to
> sound like Dinotopia) or armored for escourt across the ocean.
> we're talking about armor made of very bouyant substances, such as
> wood, and the like with very little metal.) Lemme know. 
> 								Nathan
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