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From: Kevin Robinson <slaveof1@...>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 11:40:23 -0700 (PDT)

Excellent writing!  It gripped me.  I have to admit the idea of good
dragons thrills me, being an ex-Dragon Lance fan, and your brief
portrayal was something I've always wanted to read: dragons that serve
the Overlord!
That was cool!  


---Nathan King <nking@...> wrote:
> At 08:31 AM 9/3/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >You know, we have another option to possibly clear up the whole 
> >"other planet" and "cosmic prison" controversy.  We can change 
> >history of EdenAgain to a storyline where the original inhabitants 
> >were living in an untainted world, until the Red Dragon came and 
> >helped it to fall.  He first "converted" the dragons, and used them 
> >to spread terror, etc.  The dragons worked on those races who 
> >eventually became the Dark Creatures, and caused them to fall.  Any 
> >beings not turning to the "dark side" were eliminated.  (Dragon 
> >battles, Cool!)  The dragons and the Dark Creatures then began the 
> >subjugation of the rest of the planet.
> >
> >It is possible to say that only the human races (humans, elves, 
> >dwarves...) had members who repented and went back to the OverLord.  
> >
> >This idea leaves things the way they are, for the most part, clears 
> >up the spaceship stuff, leaves the Dark Creatures unredeemable...
> >
> >Of course, there could be problems with it.  Any comments?
> >
> >Joe R
> The horizon began to darken as Kemdrian stretched his wings in
> anticipation. Holbreck stood resolute beside him, with four other
> in tow. The evil had spread far too quickly in these past seasons,
and now
> the tainted masses dared approach even here, to this refuge.
> lizard-like eyes watched as the darkening mass separated into
> points soaring high above. A tremor reverberated through the woods
> these last of the true dragons, the Unfallen, lay in wait. A roar,
dull at
> first, then growing louder began to sound on the wind. The old dragon
> looked around at his ragtag band spread out beneath the protective
> of the trees. They looked so few in number in comparison to the mighty
> enemy armada that approached. Kemdrian closed his eyes and a power
began to
> well deep from within himself. He would die today, but in the
service of
> the Overlord of Many Names, who was his strength. He recited the
words he
> knew so well slowly and quietly: "If God be for us, who can be
against us?"
> Holbreck's ears twitched and his head turned toward Kemdrian. The
> Dragons were now clearly distiguishable, their foul breath tainting
the air
> and swirling in dark eddies beneath the their slow, deliberate,
> wings. Holbreck mouthed the words as Kemdrian whispered them again.
"If God
> be for us, who can be against us?" Kemdrian opened his eyes and looked
> skyward, toward the cloud of doom which approached at such a
> speed. Slowly, yet with more force, he spoke the words again as
> joined in. "If God be for us, who can be against us?" The dragon
voices cut
> through the roaring from above and pierced the hearts of their
kinsmen. "As
> for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!" bellowed Gimrin, a
> dragon farther off amongst some conifers. Kemdrian was nearly
shouting now,
> and several more dragons joined the chorus. "IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO
> AGAINST US?" The dragons lifted their heads as more joined in,
making a
> chant that shook the tops of the trees. "IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE
> AGAINST US?!?" Kemdrian was roaring now, defying the forces of
> that now were directly above them. A glimmer of light danced across
> Kemdrian's scaly skin, then another and another, streaming out of
his eyes
> and mouth, playing across his clawed hands and widespread wings. He
> ablaze with holy light. He screamed his creed once more. "IF GOD BE
> WHO CAN BE AGAINST US!!!!" His bellow shook the ground and he took
> a brilliant star rising from the forest floor to do the bidding of his
> Lord. The forest erupted with scaly bodies taking to the air with
> terrifying speed, straining for the explosive clash above. When they
> the world stopped as one to hear it, so great was the sound of the
> 	When all had subsided, Kemdrian lay on a rock outcropping, breathing
> heavlily, the body of his friend Holbreck staring blankly into the sky
> beside him. Kemdrian craned his neck to look about. The forest was
> apart and ablaze, sending thick smoke into the air. "Not by might,
nor by
> power, but by my spirit saith the Lord." Kemdrian swallowed. The
corpses of
> the fallen lay all about him, torn apart by God's own hand. The
remnant had
> retreated, but the Unfallen were no more. Kemdrian looked into the
sky and
> smiled a dragon smile as his spirit was committed to eternity.
> 	Whaddya think? Work for the 'Clash of the Dragons'? The warring
> take to the skies in service to their respective masters. I dunno.
> Critique? Lemme know.
> 								Nathan
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