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From: Jeff Smith <thehold@...>
At 08:31 am 9/3/98 -0500, Joe Revesz wrote:
>You know, we have another option to possibly clear up the whole 
>"other planet" and "cosmic prison" controversy.  We can change 
>history of EdenAgain to a storyline where the original inhabitants 
>were living in an untainted world, until the Red Dragon came and 
>helped it to fall.  He first "converted" the dragons, and used them 
>to spread terror, etc.  The dragons worked on those races who 
>eventually became the Dark Creatures, and caused them to fall.  Any 
>beings not turning to the "dark side" were eliminated.  (Dragon 
>battles, Cool!)  The dragons and the Dark Creatures then began the 
>subjugation of the rest of the planet.
>It is possible to say that only the human races (humans, elves, 
>dwarves...) had members who repented and went back to the OverLord.  
>This idea leaves things the way they are, for the most part, clears 
>up the spaceship stuff, leaves the Dark Creatures unredeemable...
>Of course, there could be problems with it.  Any comments?

Although I'd like to keep the dragons basically evil in their very nature
(that is, not "converted" but inherantly evil), I like the idea of having
the various races be unredeemedly twisted forms of humanity (or other native
races?).  Of course, that would eliminate some of the humor and depth given
by the descriptions of their origins as currently developed.  However, a
little mystery as to the source of these Dark Creatures (those other races
could have been kidnapped from other planets, after all, and the folks on
EdenAgain never know from whence they came).

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