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From: joerevesz@... (Joe Revesz)
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 23:01:11 EDT
Brian Hill wrote:
>>2. It clears up the issue of killing a sentient creature without
>>remorse. Example: What would a group of LR's do if they came upon a 
>>village of Orcs complete with Orc women and children? If they are do as
>>OLMN says, they kill every one of them. Sounds to much like our own
>>history with the US Calvary and Native Americans. "They're Godless
>>and deserve to die..."

Jeff Smith wrote:
>This has quite a bit to recommend it.  Thus far, there has been little
>indication of gender (I think we encounter a female cave troll 
>somewhere in
>an adventure, but I'm not sure), and no general description of how 
>these Dark Creatures reproduce.  If they're twisted forms of other life,

>they could easily spring up full-grown, at the need of the dragons.  
>Of course, like the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, once they got into the 
>wild anything could happen...

In MoonBridge part 1, there is a possible encounter with goblin children,
Mainland map B, Hex 18 (b), page 13.  The instructions imply that a
LightRaider is allowed to attack the goblin children ( they will run and
hide once they are wounded).

(Though unofficial, I wrote female and children goblins into the rewrite
of "Sorcerer's Apprentice".)

One can assume that orcs and the rest of the Dark Creatures would
reproduce pretty much the same as other beings, possibly not as fast as
humans would, or we would have a Jurrassic Park situation with DCs behind
every tree.  Then again, wars between orcs and goblins, or goblins and
OnceBorn could provide some interesting situations.  Oh, oh, I hear
Nathan's pencil scratching again...

Joe R

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