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From: Kevin Robinson <slaveof1@...>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 15:39:56 -0700 (PDT)

I couldn't agree with you more.  I know that alot of emphasis is
placed on the teaching side of the game and rightly so.  We should
have it no other way!  However, the reason I rejected the game 15
years ago as a young teen was that it was flat and did not offer the
realism of other games.  That is why I too am passionate even as a
youth leader now in fleshing out the history and game terms of the
world.  If it is not detailed enough and offer enough variety of
character and situations the kids won't want to play it.  Then we are
left with the idea mentioned by someone once.  And that is to play the
worlds RPG's with an evangelistic approach which arguably can be done,
but the odds are less of reaching and teaching in systems that are
inherantly misleading.  Dragon Raid remains the single best Christian
approach to kids that are into this stuff.  Therefore we've got to
make it the best, richest game system out there!  And now days that
means it has to have some grit that this generation can relate to. 
They are faced with so many tough issues that can better be
illustrated in a world with history and depth.  That is why I'm
absolutely overjoyed by the input on this list and the creators
openness to allow us to share with them our ideas and criticisms.  My
hat off to all of you.
Well I'm up to yesterday's messages, but I'll have to leave the rest
for monday.  Unfortunately my Web access is limited to my job.
Everyone have a great weekend.

Blessings and Creativity,

Kevin (aka. Tharkon)

---Dave Eadie <Dave.Eadie@...> wrote:
> Hi all
> I started the talk about DCs regarding the fate of the planets that
they left behind and in hat spiritual state they were in as a result
of co - operating with the dragons and allowing their sinful members
to be exiled on Eden again.
> As somebody rightly pointed out this was not meant to be a debate
about are DCs redeemable or not but anyway the end result look like
the SF element will be dropped or at least far less obvious.  Which is
great it solves the issue that I was raising and leaves open the idea
of an SF version of DRaid up for grabs still.
> Some of the other conversations have turned to subjects that have
greatly interested me recently.  I know I am not alone and that there
are people on both side of this argument but I am all for 'filling out
the background to Talania.  The are that I am working in Talania is
the Wilderness of wonder the Coastal regions west of it right up to
the Dragons teeth.  Already in this section I have postulated the idea
of a long lost race whose decedents remain now in this area.  They
fled an attack on there Isle that was destroyed by Dragon attack.   
> Joe Mentioned having at time line  for Eden again and again I am
well in favor of this as it not only fits what I am trying to build up
but gives Talania less of a two dimensional feel to it.  At present it
feels a little like a kind of Medieval Target range with Cardboard
characters leaping out at you who you either try to kill or (if
appropriate) seek to rescue.  Please do not get me wrong what I am
saying is not meant to offend and I know my taste for detail and more
realism is partly by background and not to everyone's taste.  
> I think we have covered the whole races thing before and have easily
justified the use of demi -humans or other human races like Dwarves,
Elves et el.  I like where we are going here with this stuff and again
I see no reason for these Characters to be PCs as well as NPCs.  Why
shouldn't Talania be full of a rich diversity of Life after all our
world is.  And though one can see that keeping things simple on
Talania has its strengths one of its weaknesses is that it can over
simplify things.  Or fail to teach about more complicated situations I
guess my taste is for these things with a little more meat on them.  
> Again this will not be to everybody's taste.  But I know that my
weakness here is that I want to use DRaid (personally) to disciple and
as a game.  A Game where it is appropriate and Discipleship when that
is appropriate.  I have personally made no secret of this and it is
reflected in what I am saying in my posts.  So if anything I have
written causes any offence or is not your sort of thing please except
my apologize up front.  
> Anyway boring is not what this list is anyway.
>  Yours in Him 
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