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From: Kevin Robinson <slaveof1@...>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 11:30:15 -0700 (PDT)
This idea reminds me of the four worlds of Margaret Weiss and Tracy
Hickman's Death Gate Cycle.  Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.  They were
totally unrealistic worlds but had a sense of realism in the way they
were approached.  Magic was the answer.  How much more could the
creator break all the rules and make EA like Rich describes this. 
However, there is the idea that some may find it indicative of
non-realistic "fundamentalist bigots" who shape reality to their
liking or whatever.  I can see that as a real concern, though I don't
think we should let something like that color our decisions too much. 
Those same people will always find something to complain about and use
to justify themselves.  How fantasy is accepted, no matter how
outrageous, is largely dependant on how it is presented.  If Rich's
idea is fleshed out and explained in the light of The Creator's
decision to make something different, I think it could be accepted as
readily as Weiss & Hickman's realms or any other.


---Rich Sezov <sezov@...> wrote:
> On 9 Sep 98, at 23:25, Joe Revesz wrote:
> > How about walking into a Passage Lake or Hollow Tree and ending up
on one
> > of those planets or moons?  What is the difference in being
> > across the Peaks of the New Beginning or a bit of interplanetary
space? I
> > kind of doubt that an eagle could reach escape velocity (with the
> > help, of course).
> That works, but I was advocating a completely different sort of 
> universe that operates in completely different ways. So in this 
> universe, there is no space. Air is everywhere--EdenAgain and her 
> various moons float in it via some unseen power. If the eagle were
> to fly far enough through this empty air (weeks? months? years?), he 
> would find that he runs into a barrier of some kind. This barrier is 
> mostly opaque, but in some parts is transparent. All that one can see 
> through it is light (i.e., "stars"). Something like that. 
> Perhaps there are no other planets other than EdenAgain, her moons, 
> and her Sun. Who knows? It's a different universe, and it operates 
> differently. 
> So "escape velocity" is not necessary. Nor is it strange for the
> to be able to breathe in space, since there is no space. Just sky 
> separating different heavenly bodies. Maybe the planets don't have to 
> be planets--the moons could be flat discs. The only way people on 
> EdenAgain would know this is if they flew up there--otherwise, it 
> looks like a regular moon from the surface of EdenAgain. 
> You could do all sorts of neat stuff with this idea. And, of course,
> dark creatures couldn't come from other planets. :-) 
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