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From: Brian Hill <bhill@...>
Date: 16 Sep 98 14:58:48 -0500
I'll agree with the Nathan issue as well. Some of us are more prone to get "caught up in the moment" than others. (I'm one) This should be an area of caution for all of us. Whenever a person, assumes the personna of another, it is an opportunity for problems. Method actors are so good at their role playing because they "become" their character. Sometimes they can get lost in that character role. 
To name a few very dangerous episodes from the secular world: Tim Curry of The Rocky Horror Picture Show fame, played his role every night for so long, that he came to believe he WAS Dr. Frankenfurter (or whatever he was called). The guy ( I don't remember his name- isn't THAT revealing of the danger ) who performed the original "shock rock" under the stage name of Alice Cooper is another one who slipped through this open door. Both men ended up seeking extensive psychiatric treatment to restore themselves to their true identity. In another example of how powerful this sort of thing can be, (Nathan take note of this one in particular), Kim Bassinger had to go through therapy after filming "9 1/2 Weeks". The storyline was about a woman being seduced by an amoral and perverse man, for ...nine and a half weeks. The story plumbs the depths of carnality and "letting go" of inhibitions. Yeah, I saw it when I wasn't walking in the Light. Anyway, after the filmm was made, poor Ms. Bassinger checked into the clinic with all the classic symptoms of a rape victim. In short, she felt violated. Not a very pretty picture is it?

I've seen RPGers do the same thing. They get caught up in the play so much, that they become their character. For awhile it can seem a pleasant diversion from the hum-drums of everyday life. Unchecked, it can become a delusional hell. I believe it has the potential for demonic possession BUT I don't believe it always results in that. Rather, it is the unusual case where this occurs, though it does happen. I recall a certain AD&D debate where this was brought up. 
** To whoever was party to that unfortunate situation, I would like to know more about the particulars. Provided of course you are willing to share this with a faceless stranger, though DR advocate I may be. I realize it may be too painful to recount and I'll understand if you would rather not. You can email me at bhill@... either way. **

God Bless you all....everyone.

Brian R. Hill

Date: 9/16/98 1:57 PM
To: Hill, Brian
From: dragonraid


That REALLY put a new perspective on things!  I think I can see the
reason for Rich's caution and unease with the whole demonic thing. After reading your example here and Rich's explanation of the fact
that DC's are much more common than Dragons therefore making the game
unbalanced in the direction of Demonic activity, I will concur with
the other brother who changed his mind on this subject.  Rich has been
around this game for many more years than I and has seen the attacks
and criticism that have come against DR.  I defer to his and other
veterans wisdom on this matter, although I still like the idea of
keeping the whole origin issue shrouded in mystery.  Maybe a few more
things should be kept mysterious or unknown like some things in
reality.  In it's own way, things left unsaid (or misrepresented, like
legends of heroes) actually add to the depth of a fantasy world.



---Nathan King <nking@...> wrote:
> >> Finally, if dragons are demons and have been to up to this point,
> >> the AM playing the part of demons argument has already been made
> >> and will continue as long as the AM plays dragons. Can we judge
the > >> DCs being demons without this point since it will always be
> >> The scriptures make it clear we battle against the demonic enemy,
> >> why can't the game handle that? I think a lot of players already
think of
> >> or explain the game that way already.?
> > I meant to address this earlier, so seeing it again on another post
> my memory a bit. The point I'd like to discuss doesn't necessarily
> anything to do with the above point, but I think it's important. As
I may
> have mentioned, I've been working on a Christian RPG for the past four
> years, and, without going into too much detail as to the origins of
> suffice it to say that demons within the game are physical (and
> entities that may be addressed or attacked by the characters, though
> is generally not a good idea. Spiritual gifts are the encouraged
means by
> which to slay the enemy. (And I think I'm going to add the idea of
> scripture whenever a spiritual gift is used... in the past it was
always a
> die roll... but I digress.) When I roleplay, i usually take on the
role of
> the person the characters talk to and I even try to think like them
> maybe even change my voice to increase realism. At first, players were
> kinda giggly about the idea, but as they got into it and took my
> seriously, they really started loving it. My players entered a
> cave (I won't go into detail... just know it's a mark of evil) for
> reason (I can't remember). Inside lurked the demonic commander of
the area
> and his foul brood of followers. Well, that's when we hit the
problem. They
> started to talk to the demon commander, so, naturally, I took the
> Very soon afterwards, I started feeling queasy and disgusting.
Within a few
> minutes, I was literally scaring myself with the part I was playing.
It was
> as if for only a moment, I saw evil. No, I didn't get possessed or
> anything, and it wasn't necessarily wrong, but it WAS unwise to put
> in the place of a demon. I think that this point should be stressed
(or at
> least mentioned) in the Gamemaster's manual for DR2, that under no
> circumstances should a GM take the role of a demon. I had a strong
> foundation in Christ, and I still felt awful for days afterwards. A
> Christian might stumble onto something they don't want to stumble
onto in
> such circumstances. As to my actions, please understand that I had
> done something like that until that point, so I was treading in
> waters and I happened to hit something I wasn't supposed to. We
still pray
> before every gaming session (of whatever type) and we have a policy
> that, well, I don't do that. Anyhoo, that's my two or three cents.
Lemme know.
> 							Nathan
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