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From: Eric Slick <eric@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 16:20:04 -0600
I'm sure others have already given excellent advice on this but thought I'd 
throw in a comment as well.

I think giving out a set of verses to memorize ahead of time is a great 
idea.  Also, you will need to judge how well your group is/can be doing 
with memorizing.  Some are simply better at it than others.  Depending on 
the abilities of your group you will want to decide if they must memorize 
word for word the scripture and recite it with no errors or will you allow 
a few mistakes.  Do they get one try to state the scripture accurately 
enough or do you give them a second chance to go back and read the 
scripture again.  My advice is to err on the side of grace at first and 
allow a good deal of leeway.  Then, as your group becomes more proficient, 
tightening up the requirements.  You might even need to make different 
kinds of allowances for different players.  I had a group that had one 
person who could memorize a scripture after one or two tries and others who 
struggled after ten.  I began to expect more from those who could handle 

Eric's two bits :)

On Friday, February 06, 1998 11:30 AM, Jakup Michaelsen 
[SMTP:elrond@...] wrote:
> Greetings.
> Been a while since I've had time to do some e-mailing.
> My group and I are going to start playing DR next Friday. We'll meet
> tonight for some instructions and creating characters.
> This is my first go at RPGs, and I'll be AM'ing. Anyway, I have a 
> Should my players learn any WordRunes before LRT? And how do I get them
> started memorizing?
> Gotta go now, see you!
> Jakup
> PS  How about a new DC: Vampires! Their sin-enchantment could be sexual
> imorality...? Just a suggestion.
> --
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