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From: David L Milner <papabeardm@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 22:43:57 -0600
	I hate to sound like a whiner, but here goes.  I have a miserable upper
respiratory bug that is making it impossible to sing.   It involves a
sore throat, (sometimes) severe coughing, and upper respiratory
congestion.  Due to my high blood pressure, I cannot take a decongestant.
 It seems to be a virus that will simply have to run its course, so
antibiotics are little or no help.
	 That may not sound like a big problem, but I have already had to
postpone my Senior (Vocal) Recital until June 11, and it would be really
nice if I didn't have to postpone it again.  As it is, I am better, but
still unable to "hit the high ones" without risk to my vocal chords.  I
cannot even practice, and I'm not so bright that I can do this without
practice, particularly since part of it is in German and Italian. Please
pray for healing of my throat, and that this thing will finally work. 
Sorry to whine.

	Also, please pray for the families of the students, faculty and staff of
Columbine High School.  Heck of a way to make the national news.  It has
really hit a lot of people hard.  Columbine is a very good school in a
very nice neighborhood, and now, when anyone thinks of them, mass murder
is what they will remember.  Please pray for them.

Dariel the Aged
aka Dave Milner