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From: Kevin Robinson <slaveof1@...>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 12:36:24 -0700 (PDT)
Mr. and Mrs. Milner,

I've been sitting on this post for a week trying to decide if I wanted
to send 15 dollars for this.  And I've decided to go for it!  I'm just
too intrigued to let this go!  My partner and I have to see it.  So if
you could send my your mailing address or something I could send the
check to, I will try to get it out to you soon.  My private e-mail is



--- David L Milner <papabeardm@...> wrote:
> Dear Kevin:
> 	As regards the Musical, it is available, if you are
> interested, but only
> from me, since I was unable to come up with a
> publisher or the funds to
> do it myself.  I can send you a copy, but it may
> take awhile, since I
> have to print it out, collate it and put it together
> myself, and I no
> longer have unlimited access to a copier.  We will
> make you a copy, but
> it will cost you $15 up front, which is what it
> takes to copy and mail
> about a hundred pages.  After that, however, you can
> make all the copies
> you want if you are producing it. 
> 	It is the only Sunday School material I have ever
> seen that would make
> inner-city kids ask for more time in Sunday School. 
> They couldn't relate
> the the denominations material, but they could
> relate to DR.  Not to say
> the place we lived was strange or anything...
> 	Instead of the "Oh, woe is me, my life is over,
> come fix it" calls I
> ususlly got, I got calls saying, "I think I know how
> we can do (fill in
> the blank) for the play."  One lady sewed about
> twenty gazillion pop top
> rings on two orc vests (chain mail).  Took her about
> a month.  They were
> only onstage for about 30 seconds, but they looked
> and sounded real.
> 	One thing we tried to do was to show that everyone
> is important to God
> and to His people.  The youngest, smallest LR
> carried the Elixir of Hope,
> which was crucial to their mission, and one kid that
> was nearly blind
> killed an orc, and had some other important insights
> and stuff, so
> everybody was important.
> 	One character, Gareth by name, was usually
> argumentative and hard to get
> along with, but he is the one who finally killed the
> dragon, giving his
> life to save the others.  He also had the best line:
>  "Go ahead, Worm. 
> Make my day."
> 	I wish I could say that all these kids turned out
> to be model citizens,
> but that would not be accurate.  They have, however,
> been much better
> than if they had not had the DR experience, and when
> they get together,
> that is what they talk about.
> 	We all had out 15 minutes of fame, I suppose. 
> Sometimes they even sang
> on pitch.  But everywhere we did the play, we got
> standing ovations. 
> Pastors who swore their people would get up and
> leave after an hour were
> shocked when they stayed for the whole thing.  At
> one church, they didn't
> even get up to roll up the windows in their Caddys
> when a thunderstorm
> struck.  
> 	As far as we know it is the only full length,
> Broadway style, Christian
> Fantasy Action-Adventure musical extant.  We were
> just crazy enough to
> try and do the impossible, and we pulled it off.  
> We couldn't believe it
> either.
> 	One other tale.  When we got to Warner Robbins,
> Ga., the transmission on
> our old yaller school bus died.  It was going to
> cost $2,200 to fix it. 
> The night we performed, we were given a love
> offering of (guess how much)
> $2,200.  First time I knew that Yankees could do a
> Rebel yell.    God
> took care of us and even amazed the comfy, routine
> Christians who were
> sure we po' folks were just plain nuts.  Well, we
> were, but that had
> nothing to do with God's provision.  And those kids
> never forgot that God
> got us there and He got us home.  You don't forget
> those things.  Of
> course, when they got home, they refused to eat
> peanut butter or tuna
> fish for a while, having consume voluminous
> quantities on the trip.
> 	Welcome to the gang.  I hope you have as good an
> experience with DR as
> we had.
> Sincerely,
> Dariel the Aged
> aka Dave Milner
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