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From: winterspy@...
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 14:23:11 -0700
It's impossible to use it for more than the alotted hours because when
the number of hours is used up it no longer works.  Now my husband is 
very skilled at everything from programming to hardware assembling and
could probably, if he so desired, "fix it" to work for a longer period of
time.  But there is really no reason for him to do so because not only
would that be totally against our moral beliefs but it would take more
time than simply buying another trial copy of the disc.  So in answer to
your question...no, we haven't.  It has it's own clock that keeps track
of all of the hours your computer is on. But I think, if it bothers you
quite as much as it seems to that you might just want to look into buying
the standard edition of the actual program, which I believe is about
$40.00.  That way your consience isn't bugging you about whether or not
it is right, because you will own it.

Be blessed!!
Wind to thy wings,

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