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From: "Shaun Miller" <millergs@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 21:58:05 -0500
I disagree. God could speak in any dilect, accent, contempary or old world ,
that he wanted. God would not be limited to the language that the Bible was
written in. As for Bible verse translation? Well.......The original texts
were written without puncuation and ALL sentinces ran together. Now along
comes King James who commisions several educated men to translated the old
mauscripts into a dilect of speech that was EASY to understand of the day.
Such practices have been done today. NIV, NKJV, and my Favorite...the New
Living Translation or NLT. (or as I like to say, "The plain English Bible")
My point is you can rewrite a sentince so its easier to read and not lose
the meaning of said sentince or verse. Example, KJV says, "David slept in
the city of his forfathers". NLT says, "David Died and was barried in the
city of his ansesters". After all. The apostles never spoke in middle

Your Bro. In Him,


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> >       I also do not like the NIV that much, not because of the dynamic
> >equivalence (every translation had some 'dynamic equivalence' in it), but
> >because it wasn't done well, although I think it is good for easy
> >About the Overlord speaking, though...because Dragonraid is a teaching
> >and because teaching is interpreting and applying Scripture, I do not
have a
> >problem having the Overlord speak things other than Scripture.  One has
to be
> >very careful that it is in line with the Bible, though, and one can't
> >the words of the Overlord in the game on the same par as Scripture.  If
> >wanted to have the Overlord speak the most literally, he would have to
> >in Greek or Hebrew :)
> Are you saying that the Lord is limited to the languages of His region
while He was incarnate?  I
> beleive He spoke Aramaic while on earth, but Greek, Hebrew and even Latin
(or the Roman dialect)
> would be possible.  But, whenevere and wherever the OverLord appears, He
would be able to speak
> the language of the times.  After all, who originated languages??
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