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From: Jeff Smith <thehold@...>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 10:43:50 -0800 (PST)
>From: Sam <fsscl@...>


>The only thing that seems to be of trouble is 
>the actual role-playing, in a sense:  They know that their character is 
>being "attacked" or enchanted, so they try to be themselves instead of 
>their character.  I see this as both good and bad.  Good that they know 
>what sin is, and that it is wrong.  Bad, because they go beyond the 
>powers of their character's abilities.  Am I being too nit-picky about 
>this, or is there something to be said or done?  

This is fairly common -- or at least has been in my experience.  As AM, it's
your job to remind them to act as their _character_ would respond, not
necessarily as _they_ themselves would.  However, you don't necessarily have
to call them on it from the beginning of the first adventure.  The purpose
is to help them understand both the value of working as a 'Team, and to
understand why other people may act the way they do (because their gifts,
passions, abilities, personality or experience are different).  Thus, you
should gradually encourage them to respond according to their characters'
Strengths and Abilities.

You, as AM, can do this simply by making a little preparation.  Make sure
you know what the various Strengths and Abilities each character has --
perhaps a copy of their Character Sheet posted on the back of a screen
located in front of you (I recommend each AM has a screen -- but that's a
different issue).  That way, you can tell how each character should react to
a Sin Enchantment or other situation.

>Also, now 
>we have started the RSS, and we had a new player join, which is not a 
>problem at this point, even though she has not completed the LRT.  The 
>problem is that she is a new Christian(which is GREAT!  Don't get me 
>wrong)  However, she has never
>seen the verses used for WR, before.  So, as the "churched" kids that 
>have grown up in the Word pick up quickly on new WR's, she feels slow 
>and even somewhat hurt that she doesn't seem to catch on as quickly.  Is 
>there a chunk of advice that you or someone might have for me?  

Excellent teaching situation!  Go with it!!!

I take it you've already begun RSS, including this new girl.  There are a
couple of approaches you might take.  Within the game itself, you may want
to include a "history" of the character, to explain her relatively new
status as both TwiceBorn and as LightRaider.  Perhaps more significant is to
work with her outside the game, to build up her knowledge of Scripture and
Biblical basics.  If nothing else, it makes for a very good disciplship

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