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From: "David L. Milner" <papabeardm@...>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 10:25:32 -0600
Dear folks,

	The ancient one requests your prayers this day.

	My daughter, Patricia, is having surgery tomorrow (June 5).   She is 22
years old and is having a modified radical hysterectomy.  All of the less
invasive treatments have been tried to no avail.  The problems are not of
her making, but may be due to her having lived in a highly polluted area
of the NE US for five years when she was much younger.  The pollution was
not supposed to be dangerous, but I noticed high numbers of young women
having hysterectomies and other surgeries that should have told the
Powers that Be that something was amiss.  They chose to ignore it.  I
can't prove it, and it would change nothing if I could, but please pray
for her.  She is remarkably upbeat about it, but it cannot be easy for
her.  Nothing ever has been.  Forgive a father's pride, but she is a
remarkable young woman.  Someone with less steel in their backbone would
have given up long ago.  She needs your prayers.  I know the power of
prayer in this group, and it would be appreciated if it could be applied
toward Patty in the next few days.  Thank you.

Dariel the Aged,
aka Dave Milner