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From: David Cole <artanis@...>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 15:36:22 -0700
Couple of responses, Joe. BTW, I noticed afterwards that there had been several
replies similar to mine, I just have to put in my two cents!

Joe Revesz wrote:

> David Cole wrote:
> > I, too, agree that all-out defense and all-out attack should be
> > interchangeable.  Now, I see where the problems in 6-second rounds come from,
> > but I, personally, have always been partial to 1 or 2 second rounds :-)
> Want to get an idea of what real combat could be like?  Get yourself
> a four foot piece of lead pipe and swing it around like a sword once
> every six seconds for a few minutes.  1 or 2 seconds is too short for
> a combat round.

Actually, that would happen if you suck at combat and the other person did too.
REAL combat (I mean skirmishes like in DR) last perhaps 10 seconds at best.  No
tiring here.  Besides, a lead pipe isn't balanced.  Swords are.  If you're using an
axe, I would prefer to modify the rules for double damage, attack only every other
round.  THAT would be closer to swinging a lead pipe around.  Swords, however, are
deliberately designed to parry and attack nearly simulataneously.  Trust me, I have
a machete.  I know what it, at least, can do :-)

> > That's why I would support a no-transition period rule for all-outs.  I, too,
> > know from experience (some very recent-- staff/sword fighting) that I can go
> > from one to another in an instant.
> Swing that pipe around in defense for a while and then try to go on
> the attack suddenly.

There's no reason I would even TRY to use a heavy unbalanced weapon in defense
during a fight.  Do you honestly think I want to get myself killed? :-)  I can use
a heavy quarterstaff, however, and I can go from defense to attack and back in less
than a second.