[dragonraid] Ideas for DR2

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From: elrond@... (Jakup Michaelsen)
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 18:37:11 -0000
Here are some thoughts I have about DR, which might be usefull in the 2nd

- Names. Use real names, not just some description of the place. Like
Forrest of Horrors, OverLord, EdenAgain etc.

- Have more classes and races. There should always be great variaty for God
is a very creative artist (in the words of DC-Talk :-) One of my players
expressed his desire to be a wizard - in the game of course :-) - so maybe
there could be an alternative class. For in Christ we can indeed do
EVERYTHING, move mountains, walk on water, rais the dead, heal the sick,
cast out demons, cast demons to hell before their time, teleport (Acts
8;39-40) even fly - though it isn't actually mentioned in the Bible, but
"everything" meand indeed EVERYTHING.
Of course everything has to have a pupose. God wouldn't allow me to
teleport for now apparent reason. But if in some case, where it was needed
that I should fly, then I sincerely belive that God would give me that
ability for as long as it recuired.

And some more detailed maps naturally.

That's it for now. Feedback!!!

God bless!
- Jakup