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From: Andrew Bartmess <abartmes@...>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 01:43:09 -0500
I do/don't agree.

Ya, no MU's. I didn't have a problem with them back in my gaming days,
but outside of *my* God-based original D&D games, kids I taught to play
got involved in the wrong stuff.  That's why I quit playing.  Just
because I know how to handle Plutonium in a controlled environment
doesn't mean it is safe to give to children.  That's why I started
playing DragonRaid.
   Check the AdventureMaster's Archives (somewhere here...try
Altavista!)  You will see an interesting take on the "magic" thing...it
IS to be hunted down and destroyed.  As for clerics, we already have
them...they're called LightRaiders!  ;)
   As for the demi-races, maybe the Bible doesn't mention them, but Dick
Wulf did, in DR1.  I am pushing for them to be in DR2.  (One wise soul
in here addressed the sin of racism with them..."Stinking Elves! 
Nothing but animals!")  This should be a God-centered teaching tool, but
even NARNIA had dwarves and such.  Counsel caution in how they are used,
fine...but wait and see what the rules committee cooks up before you
throw the baby out with the bathwater.
   I agree...no magic by Raiders...but consider the sin of Powerlust! 
The Dragons offer their pretty magic toys to the OnceBorn, and see who
lacks the self-control to refuse them.  And just like so many fables,
the OnceBorn are cursed by the "harmless" magic the Dragons gave them. 
WHo will rescue them?  Who but the LightRaiders!?

Deion and Melanie Adams wrote:
> The bible does not mention the creation of other races such as elves,
> dwarfs, pixies and the like.  And If DR is to continue to be a "Bible
> Based" learning system, then we need to stick with the bible as the
> guide.  Furthermore, The use of magic is "Forbidden" by God as an
> abomination.  PLEASE don't add wizards or clerics or other such classes
> for the PC's.  For the dragon slaves and once born, cool, we need some
> challenge that address those situations.  Take it from an ex-druid.