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From: "Wem Welnick" <wem32_gannondarth@...>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 20:23:29 -0500
That's kinda good, 'specially if you have 10s in stuff and have no need for the MU's

Xavier The Green

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From: Joe Revesz
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Subject: [DragonRaid] Strength and Agility Building


This is an idea for DR2ED, I just had to dig it out of the text:


Building Strength and Agility

A LightRaider may build his Strength and Agility ratings by spending Maturity Units that he has earned.  The cost to
build either Strength or Agility by one level ( for example, 3 to 4 or 9 to 10 ) is the same to earn a level in a Character
Strength; 30 maturity units.  However, the maturity units needed must come from at least two different sources.  For
example, a combination of 18 Self Control maturity units and 12 Faith maturity units may purchase one level of Agility.
Alternately, five maturity units from each of six different Character Strengths may be used.  Maturity Units may not be
"borrowed" for this purpose, temporarily lowering a Character Strength.


Yes, it is a bit of a stretch to use spiritual maturity to build physical abilitites, but most of the other skills in the system
work that way.  Psalms does mention something about sin eating away at a person's health, so maybe we can assume the


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