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From: PMacky77@...
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 17:51:49 EDT
Just thougth I'd repost this under this this subject since I didn't get any 
feedback under the other.


Just lurking and thought I'd pose a few ideas. Since the centaur is half 
horse half man why can't they be nuetral and assist lightraiders as NPC on 
their advertures to complete a common cause. Along the way the centaurs may 
challenge many of the LR's with scientifice rebuttles and curiousities which 
will challenge the LR's those think along creationist lines.

Also I don't know if there is much difference between a DC and a onceborn 
both not having the OLMN and just because one does not have the OL does not 
make him or her evil.


1. Let the centaur accept the OL and he turns back into a full human. Maybe 
the half horse thing was a curse like the snake was made to crawl on his 
belly and eat dirt.

2. Allow the now born again centaur to use the half horse thing as a special 
ability like the Overlords Guard (I think that's who can do that) that can 
transform him/herself (If you decide to not make the half horse thing a curse)

Just some thoughts rolling around in my head.