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From: "Todd Geissinger" <geissingert@...>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 07:06:29 -0400
Thanks Rodney.


I hope these instructions will clear things up.  If not Please let me know.

When you click on the Source for an Ability say Converse with Animals which would be (JO+KI+GE)/3.  That will highlight the Source for Converse with Animals -> (JO+KI+GE)/3 <- with bolding the text and the background will become aqua.  It will also highlight the Rating for Joy, Kindness and Gentleness.  The text will become bold and the background will be red.

With Optional Character Abilities and Weapon Abilities if you click on the Trait column for an ability it will generate the Rating for that ability and Highlight that ability as well as explained above.

For example the Following:

Joy            9
Kindness     4
Gentleness  5

When clicking on the Converse with Animals ability in the trait column the rating will become 6.

When clicking on it again will change it back to 1 for Optional Character Abilities and blank for Weapon Abilities.  

It will also only allow 3 selections from Optional Character Abilities and Weapon Abilities.

Other items that can be changed are:

Player Name
Character Name
Former Profession

These can be changed by click beside them when the mouse cursor becomes a hand.  It will bring up a prompt box and text can be entered into it.  Click Ok to change the text.

If you have any more questions please let me know.


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