[dragonraid] Re: On centaurs and killing

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From: Joseph K Revesz <joerevesz@...>
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 15:55:35 -0400
Arthur  writes:

>The feral centaurs is a cool idea, but it could detract from a
>LightRaider's defense against the Blind Science enchantment.  Here on
>earth, scientists cannot point to a supposed common ancestor with any
>certainty, that is an important point in Creation apologetics.  
>on EA it would seem that the DC centaurs could point to the feral 
>as a pre-evolutionary link with full justification.  The feral type 
>bestial, uncivilized
>animals when the DCs are knowledgeable about the world, civilized and
>more advanced.  It would look just like evolution took place, what 
>the LightRaiders say against this?

I was at a small circus with my family yesterday.  There was an act with
two camels, two smaller horses, and two lamas, all running around the
ring.  When it came to keeping in line and step, the lamas were kind of
stupid, the horses listened better, and the camels seemed to be most
intelligent and skilled of the bunch.  The centaurs could also point to
these lower animals as "common ancestors" in discussing their own
evolution.  So, the point?  Centaurs, indeed, any scientist type, will
point to any "evidence" that seems to prove their theories, whatever
streching or twisting may be required.  After all, they are trying to
keep God out of the equation, so there HAS to be another way.

And again, the centaurs would not concetrate on arguing evolution alone, 
there are plenty of other sciences to study.