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From: Joseph K Revesz <joerevesz@...>
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 15:42:06 -0400
Aaron Siddall wrote:

>P.S. Are there any Islands south of Talania? If so this critter would 
>be a
>perfect resident.

You are not cleared for that information :-)

>Manticore (Aaron Siddall)
>Size: 6'9"-7' 
>Move: 2/4/-
>Carry: 100
>Courage DL:
>Battle Ability: 10
>Damage: SST claw x2, SST-2 bite, SST sting- causes paralysis for 3d8 
>Physical Vitality: 40
>Special: ST10, Track Enemy 9

>	The Manticore is a savage and ruthless predator of southern 
>forests, and forested Islands. This monster resembles a fierce lion 
>with a
>man like face, and a scaly whip like tail sprouting a crown of nasty
>looking spines. The creature is in fact a large species of ground 
>monkey, their faces bear resemblance to that of an overgrown Tamarin, 
>does their golden fur and manes in the males. Their hand-like paws end 
>viscious looking claws that aid the beast in pulling down prey.

>	Manticores are either found alone or gathered in small family 
>units of 4-7
>members, that migrate within a family hunting region of about 5 miles 
>so. These creatures build sleeping nests similar to those made by 
>Manticores prey upon forest game such as rabbits, lizards, other 
>and deer, however they are opportunists in the extreme, preying upon
>livestock, and peasantry with gusto when the opportunity presents 

I have a real problem with taking D&D monsters and sticking them in DR. 
Besides taking things wholesale from "that game" :-) , we can not afford
to run into copywrite problems.  Is the Manticore definitely a mythical
beast that is essentially "public domain"?