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From: David Cole <artanis@...>
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 16:09:28 -0600
Wow, I never even thought of Telnet before.  Probably better than using email, make it less cluttered and easier to find what you want.  Or one could use WebRPG if all the players want to play
at a certain time, since WebRPG was created with the intent of online gaming.  I think this is starting to look good :-)

Christ be with you,
David Cole

Wem Welnick wrote:

> If I was to conduct an  E-raid, I would consider the following
> 1)  Creating a small and easy downloadable program or use Telnet or a system like it for the purpose of not having to go through the Email list every time you wish to hear what a person said
> 2) Make designated times each day that would accessable (spelling error) to all American Time Zones so that it won't take a day for everyone to say what their battle roles would be.
> That's all.  Are my suggestions any good?
> Xavior
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> From: Joseph K Revesz
> Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2001 11:38 PM
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> Subject: [DragonRaid] Re: Dragonraid Email Games
> Dan Beaudoin  writes:
> >Hi all,
> >    I'm new to the list, and more or less to the game.  I've played
> >several times, but it was years ago.  Are there any, or has anyone
> >considered any play by email games?  I was just involved in another
> >one (not Dragonraid) and it made it possible for me to participate
> >when a sitdown game would be very difficult because of scheduling and
> >other issues.
> Welcome Dan.  There have been a few eRaid attempts in the past couple of
> years.  Two failed because they were a bit more than the moderator could
> handle.  Some time ago, I ran one for a single person.   We were doing
> rather well until the player had to move or change jobs.  He never got
> back to me.
> After the DR2ED text is finished, maybe I will run a few eRaids.  I will
> start with a single player again, then add a player after each adventure
> until we have five or six people.  That way, there will be little in the
> way of system shock at all of the work and managing that needs to be
> done.
> As noted by others, some aspects of DR are hard to simulate over the
> wires, especially reciting WordRunes.  I suppose that trust has to play a
> part here; players could be copying text right out of the LRH when typing
> in WRs.  Oh well.
> Joe
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