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From: "stephen b. brown" <sbrown@...>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 20:43:21 -0500
Hello, all

>===== Original Message From Joe Revesz <joe.revesz@...> 
>Steven wrote:

       Actually, my full first name is Stephen ( spelled the Biblical way), 
although I do abreiviate it to Steve, since Steph just doesn't sound right.

>>Ever since I started playing DR, I noticed that there was not DC
>dealing with the sins of the flesh:  gluttony, lust, etc.  Therefore, I tried 
come up with the Satyr.  Please comment.  Here it goes....
>One reason may have been that the system is targeted towards younger 
teens and sensual lust wasn't something that they wanted to tackle right 

       Your right.  That is the only danger I see with this DC.  However, 
gluttony is something that can be 'safely' dealt with by this DC.  Also, lust 
was brought up in an adventure already:  The Moonbridge Raid III, on 
Anamos Isle.  Also, if done tastefully with the groups maturity in mind, the 
young teens is a great time to start dealing with the way we view 
ourselves and others.
>Anyway, I filled in some blanks and made some tweeks.


>Satyr (Faun)
>Size: 4 ft.
>Move:  3/6/0
>Carry:  20
>Number Appearing: 1 or 2
>SE Difficulty: 7
>Courage DL: 2
>BA: 6
>Attack 6
>Defense 8
>Damage:  Punch:  SSt
>Kick with hooves:  SSt+2
>PV: 20
>Sin Enchantment:  Feels Good Enchantment
>(Note that in the description of Wood Sprites that "If it feels good, do it!" 
was their battle cry.)

       So fauns and sprites like to party together!  Seriously, I think the 
difference between sprites and satyrs is that  sprites represent more of a 
stubborn apathy ("WE can live any way we want to, YOU can't tell us what 
to do!), a not caring about what is right and wrong.  Satyrs represent more 
the idea that what feels good is right, and what feels good is wrong.  
Sprites don't make any moral judgements.  Satyrs would judge certain 
actions right if they felt good ("If someone is suffering, why not allow them 
to kill themselves?  It would relieve the pain.")  At least, that's the way I 
the difference.

>Passed by:  Speech
>Strength Attacked: SC
>Strength Damaged:  GO
>Special Abilities:  AG 8, BWS 6, TL 9, QM 6
>Satyrs are short bi-peds with the legs of a goat and the upper body of a 
man, with short horns protruding from their curly hair (in the males).   They 
tend to live in forested areas and glades, but are not timid.  They li
>ve by the motto, "If it feels good, do it."  They often can be found in 
believing that above everything else, pleasure is to be sought.  In fact, they 
often encourage others to get involved, and make money by set
>ting up "resorts" in forests and glades, where one can find his desires 
>Satyrs try to entice others to live by their motto, thereby passing the Feels 
Good Sin Enchantment.  If a LightRaider is enchanted, he will begin to put 
pleasure above doing the right thing, and will try to indulge himsel
>f at any opportunity.
>Suggested WordRunes:
>DL 1
>GO 4
>Galatians 5:17
>Reduces Satyr enchantment by 2 Difficulty Levels.  May only be used 
once per day.
>DL 5
>GO 8
>I Corinthians 6: 12, 13
>Reduces Satyr enchantment by 2 Difficulty Levels.  May only be used 
once per day.
>Since the Sin Enchantment is basically lust, shouldn't the Character 
Strength needed be Self-Control?

       I think it's more than just lust;  gluttony can be included, or just 
putting fun above doing you task.
       Also, I do have SC as the strength attacked.  Now it seems odd to 
have SC required for a wordrune if that is what you are trying to defend 
against.  If someone has low SC, they can't use such a Wordrune to 
defend themselves.  It doesn't make sense to do it that way.
>And Jack will have to check these out.
>P.S.  I will be out of touch for the rest of the week since I will be at the
>Alive Music Festival with Doug Gray.  Loud music, carnival food, what 
more can
>you ask for?

       Have fun.  Eat some cotton candy for me.

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							steve brown