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From: David Cole <artanis@...>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 13:47:16 -0600

Joe Revesz wrote:

> David Cole wrote:
> > ABSOLUTELY!  Two questions, though:
> > 1)  Why didn't you give in to the fad a year ago like all people SHOULD have?
> I try not to follow every crowd that comes along, even Christian ones,
> something about "broad is the way".

:-)  Very true

> Anyway, which would you rather me do, read a bunch of fictional books for my
> own enjoyment or work on DR2Ed and new adventures?  Hard to do both (though I
> do sneek in a lot of reading).

I dunno, reading can give really good ideas for RPGs, as you know :-)  It's good to
hear that you do read; I don't read enough, and I really should start.

> > 2)  Why haven't you read the last 2 books?
> I received five and six for Father's Day.  I bought number seven yesterday.
> After almost falling off a 20' ladder while cutting tree limbs, I was too tired
> and wasn't in the mood to read ;-)

I SUPPOSE I'll have to accept those thin excuses :-)  In all seriousness, though,
they are indeed very good books.  It would be quite interesting to see "TwiceBorn
vs. Carpathia."

Christ be with you,
David Cole