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From: "Jenny Silver" <blueeye_jedi@...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 15:09:23 -0400
True, I haven't gotten into the meat of the game quite yet, but I have seen 
time and again where a game simply gets too complicated for its own good. 
Case in point - my own internet simulation. We went from almost no rules 
three years ago to having pages upon pages of rules. Two months ago there 
were too many, and I'm only one of the people trying to CUT OUT rules.

I suppose the comment - vaugely made, as I did it at about 1am - should have 
been expounded to be something of a caution to not write rules just to write 


>From: Joseph K Revesz <joerevesz@...>
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>Subject: [DragonRaid] Re: Encumbrance Rules
>Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 13:09:39 -0400
>Jenny  writes:
> >*watches DR turn into D&D 2nd Edition*
>Jenny, I thought that I made it pretty clear when I spoke to you at the
>Alive festival about how we were working on making more and better rules
>for DR.  The RPG side of it needs some work, so that is mostly what we
>seem to talk about here.  The discipleship side of the system seems to be
>fine, so there aren't too many discussions about it.
>If your comment is meant to be a casual observation, fine.  You are
>wrong, but fine.  If the comment is meant to be a criticism, you are
>still wrong.  I am sure that many on this list could tell you of how I
>have been trying to make sure that the discipleship aspect of DragonRaid
>is not pushed aside in favor of the RPG.  But since you have not been
>around all that long you wouldn't know, so that's okay.  You have also
>missed several theological discussions about all kinds of things related
>to the game and what it presents.
>But, rest assured, I am not copying D&D of any edition, though I have
>gotten ideas from it and other games.  Nor am I trying to make DR into
>D&D, no matter the pressure I get from people.
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