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From: "stephen b. brown" <sbrown@...>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 15:30:16 -0500
Hello, all.
       I've been re-working the LR test a little to make it smoother, less 
tacky, and more realistic.  I want to show you some to the notes I've written 
down, and if you could comment (Joe, in particular) it would be great.

*SPOILER NOTE:  If you haven't played the LR test yet, you might not want to 
read on*

1A     There's something that doesn't make sense here:  There's a dark cave 
that needs to be filled with the light of the OverLord, and there's some 
trolls that live in it.  Evil, right?  Well, why is it blocked by boulders 
with a wordrune?  If it is blocked, how did the trolls get in?  Did they 
explain what it meant to pick up ones cross and follow Jesus?  I'm thinking 
about moving this 'test' to later in the adventure.

1C     There's a mention of Jesus' actions on Earth.  For those of you working 
on the 2nd Ed., are these still apropriate?

3D     What is the trolls motivation for handing out the gifts?  Does he just 
hand out prizes to everyone he sees?  Or is there some 'fine print' in taking 
his gifts?  I'm planning on re-writing his introdutory speech to fit this.
       Furthermore, I noticed that the gifts that he is giving out have a 
modern ring to them.  A beach on which one surfs and tans?  The wordings 
"small shops with clothing in the latest style,"  and "all the top singers 
will be there,"  also sound a little modern.  How about this:  re-write the 
beach offer to be an offer to join the local Duke at his summer palace on the 
sea shore;  the clothing shops can go medieval and become a market, and the 
music festival can become a faire.

3I     Why does anyone with a SC of 4 or less automatically fail?  Shouldn't 
this be rolled?

3J     Again, what's his motivation for attacking the LR's?  He was just 
offering a gift.   I want to flesh this out a bit more.

4F     Why is this verse used here?  In the Spiritual teachings section at the 
beginning of the book, it says this verse is to teach that "A belief in 
success through Christ's strength can lead to an assignment from God"  Now, 
I'm not saying that this statement can't be true.  What I'm saying is that 
this verse doesn't seem appropriate for that point.  Paul is talking about 
being persecuted and being content in all situations (read the previous 
verses).  I'm thinking about putting in a new verse here.

6J, 6K  Again, what's the giant's motivation for offering gold to the LR's?  
Why does he attack them for only refusing a drink?  I would like to flesh this 
out a bit.

8C     What is Gareth's current PV?  How much PV does the Healing Potion 
restore with each dose?

       Those are some of the major notes that I have on the LR test.  I am 
also planning on formating the journey to a hex fomat, and having maps for the 
more specific scenes.

							steve brown