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From: Rob Petrovich <rpetro7110@...>
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 08:38:24 -0700 (PDT)
I don't think the WordRune problem is that bad. 
Everyone will just have to be trusted to not look them
up in the middle of play.  A bigger problem would be
to find a time when everyone can be on (unless we do a
round-robin thing where everyone takes turn adding
when ever they are on--that could slow it down a bit
especially in combat).  I don't know how to set up a
mail list but I'm sure someone here does.  Then
someone would need to volunteer to AM and someone to
narrate/rewrite in novel form (the narrater could also
be AM or a player if we're short, but it would be a
time consuming job if AM, and it might be hard to be
fair if a player unless the story is told from that
player's point of view)

I think this would be a good project for someone to
take the torch on.
--- Scott Fields <spamfam@...> wrote:
> Joseph K Revesz wrote:
> > Dan Beaudoin writes:
> >
> > >A thought on marketing.  I am a member of an
> online roleplaying
> > >community,
> > >and one of the center pieces of the list is the
> Play By Email games.
> > >Perhaps if a large scale online Dragonraid game
> of the same type was
> > >put
> > >together, with the actions documented in novel
> form and posted on the
> > >web,
> > >so people could see more of what is involved and
> how the game flows,
> > >it
> > >might help.  It's cheap to do, although possibly
> time consuming, and
> > >it
> > >would be very easy to send web links out for
> people to read and
> > >consider.
> > >It might help pastors and youth leaders to see
> the value of the
> > >system
> >
> > Normally, I would support such an idea.  But, as
> you noted, it would take
> > a lot of time and at least two people to run it. 
> One AM and one
> > "novelizer"; both could write the story.  And we
> still have not figured
> > out how to work out reciting WordRunes through
> email or online.
> >
> > Since we are stretched a bit thin at this point, I
> do not think that the
> > play by email game would be a good idea.  After we
> have the Second
> > Edition out, maybe.
> I have to agree with Joe....although the
> "novelization" thing is an intruiging
> twist.  It could be done like one of those gradually
> developing stories, where
> each person adds to the thing as it grows.  That
> might at least balance out
> the disadvantages (like the perennial WordRune
> problem), and, as mentioned,
> might make it accessible enough to be a marketing
> tool.  Too much going on
> right now, though; the people who would most likely
> spearhead it have too many
> spears to head already.  However, I do think it's
> something for the back
> burner, that might find some fruition after 2ED is
> out.
> - Scott
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