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From: Clayton Richardson <cbisrich@...>
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 01:27:45 -0800
on 1/3/02 9:33 PM, Scott Fields at spamfam@... wrote:
>>>My Two cents - I don't like the idea of bringing a game mechanic thing like
>>>dice into the virtual world that the players are in within the Adventure; in
>>>Theatre we call this breaking the fourth wall(the one the audience sits
>>>behind). Some players have a tough tome getting their imaginations working to
>>>the point where they're "getting into it". Besides I'd like them to focus on
>>>Wordrunes and prayer to get them out of the fixes they get into. -cbr

> Andy Bartmess wrote:
>> I tend to stay out of these theological/gaming arguments, but I think this is
>> a bad thing to do.  We are told that all Good things come from God above.
>> Why
>> would a just God create a thing for Raiders to use, and then penalize them
>> for
>> using it?  Give it charge, make it limited use, make it only function if a
>> certain Prime is above seven, or something.  But vampiric?  I'd expect that
>> from the Dragons!
> There are many examples I could cite (I already did one with Joe), but I'll
> stick
> to one....the Lord gave Israel the Ark of the Covenant, to store the original
> tablets of the Law and to act as the Bema seat for the manifestation of the
> Lord
> in the Holy of Holies.  This was a good thing - a very good thing - and its
> awesome power was used more than once to the benefit of the Israelites.
> However,
> as good as it was, if you were to ask Uzzah his opinion, you might get a less
> enthusiastic endorsement.  He was the well-intentioned servant who reached out
> to
> steady the cart upon which the ark was riding when the oxen pulling it
> stumbled.
> He accidently touched the ark - and was struck dead by God.
> Again, that's just one example someone being penalized (pretty severely) for
> breaking the rules governing a holy symbol given by God, even though it was
> unintentional.  But again, the penalty was not exacted because someone USED
> something provided by God, but because they MISUSED it.  I wouldn't call it
> "vampiric" for the OverLord (or, I suppose it might be the Everlasting Spirit
> in
> this case) to penalize a character for abusing a blessed item like a StarLot -
> I
> would call it righteous judgement.  Furthermore, in game terms, I would call
> it
> practical; some players don't respond to anything short of penalties when it
> comes
> to the dangers of trying something new.
> - Scott
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> "I'm a Christian. I'm a writer. Sometimes I write fantasy books." - Stephen R.
> Lawhead
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