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From: Joe K Revesz <joerevesz@...>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 11:43:25 -0500
Jackhammer writes:

>> "Does your friend bomb abortion clinics?  Torch the local bars?  How 
>> are we supposed to go in ridding sin in our lives?

>> Joseph fled from Potifar's wife.  Should he have beat her up 
>> Maybe Paul should have thrashed the fortune telling girl instead of
>> casting out the demon?

>> The Bible says that we should resist the devil, not kill him.  His 
>> is coming though, thank God."

>Maybe I'm out of order but I think your using this out of context.  

Not the abortion clinic or the bar.  They are places where evil occurs,
and they are not people.  Now, before you take me wrong, I do not
advocate bombing abortion clinics.  We ought to convince one mother at a
time that they ahould not go through with their plans.

>references you made would be referring to "Dragon Slaves" and not dark 

Yes, but since we don't have Dark Creatures in the real world, we have to
place some blame of sins committed on humans.

>The dark creatures are not humans as I understand but 
>appear to 
>be sin or the temptation of it.  

Yes, they are physical (flesh and blood) manifestations that represent

>I firmly agree with the purpose of 
>not just 
>killing everything.  The problem is we as LightRaiders can't be 
>friendly with 
>them either.  We must always be on our guard against temptations of 
>kinds, even if they don't try to kill us immediately.  

The LightRaider HandBook says that LightRaiders are to resist and/or
defeat DCs, never be friends with them.

>And I don't 
>know about 
>you but if I'm being tempted if I'd don't get away from the demon 
>somehow I 


>Now if only their was a way to kill dark creature with 
>instead of normal weapons...

That will come later...