[dragonraid] DRaid On Line (DROL) WordRune & Discipleship problem

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From: "Jesse or Myilie" <jmwilson@...>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 21:31:32 -0500
Well, I guess my thought on the WordRune thing is either A) you are a
Christian and therefore know that lying is a sin against God.  Or B) you are
not a Christian and need Christ.

For the Christian, if he is willing to sin in order to get ahead in a game
he probably has a problem with lying in the first place and a game is the
least of his problems.  I would make it a point to discuss this at length
with any of my players. (If we are faithful in little we will be entrusted
with much.) Then I would trust God to deal with the individuals heart.  And
personally, I also believe that God would let the GM know if something like
that were happening. (Behold your sin will find you out).  If we are going
to ask God to be part of our gaming sessions, then lets just believe that he

For the non-believer, I would rather have them play and cheat than not play
at all.  At least if they play and copy the word they are being exposed to
the gospel.  Even if they cut and paste it out of an electronic medium, they
are still exposed to the others who are Christians (living epistles).

As far as discipleship goes, I understand that playing over the internet is
a poor substitute for being with other people and indeed there is no way to
substitute the local Body.  However, written words can be just as powerful
as spoken words.  Paul kept in contact with his "disciples" via letters, why
can't we do it with email/chat.

I apologize if I have misunderstood the situation or your question.  As I
said I'm still new to DRaid so if you differ with my opinion please let me

Jesse <><