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From: Andrew Bartmess <abartmes@...>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 21:43:19 -0400
Hey, kind hearts.  A prayer request...my wife's mom, 80+, went to the hospital to have a heart valve replaced.  (My dad had this done this summer and came through fine.)  The replacement went fine, but she suffered several seizures and probably a stroke afterwards.  We are going on four days after the operation, and she has not "woken up" so it doesn't look good.  She has a living will that specifies no feeding tube.  My wife is really broken up about this, and the doctor wants to see "the entire family" on Monday.

So, please, prayers for a miracle for Ginny Koon, prayers of peace for my wife and her siblings (including a live-at parents home sister who is REALLY emotionally tied to her mom), and prayers of stability for our household as well, as my wife has taken five of her first fifteen days away from her new, well-paying temp job, and that is keeping us afloat right now.  Also, prayers for my daughters, five and eleven, who may be getting their first taste of loosing a family member.  The sole bright light is that she was a believing Christian, and goes to better things, but that is sometimes little consolation to those remaining here.