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From: Aaron Siddall <asiddall@...>
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 11:44:25 -0500
	I agree, look at Chinese churches. If they "came out" and were open about
their faith, the government drops down on them. The entire communist thing
tends to fear any movement (religious or secular) that organizes people
independant from the state. Of course God does protect them, there are
times to lay low and wait to fight another day. 
	Perhaps this is more of a humility thing. By this, I mean that people can
be awfully "lowd" about their own faith, to the extent of drawing unhelpful
attention on themselves, their fellows and the Church. Often when
Christianity comes up, there are aolot of blowhards efforts (or lack
thereof) to get around before the secular and cynical world will hear.
Theres a time to walk soft and wait for the moment.
	I have heathen friends, some of whom are true and loyal people. Often I
bite my toung until "I cant stands it no more"  but I find that I have to
be patient and walk the walk rather than preaching at them (they are too
well fortified on philosophy so far). If I preached at them we would become
alienated, and future opportunitys (which God WILL provide) would be lost.

Thats my 2 cents anyways,

At 07:39 AM 5/2/05 -0700, Zack \"BearClaw\" Kirback wrote:
>My question is: Is being undercover wrong? That is where you need to go
with this. A SaltWarrior goes as a spy undercover to battle from the
inside. Where is it ANY different than a RaidTeam being ask way they are
looking for info on someone/thing. The RaidTeam cannot lie, so they leave
out pieces of the truth for a cover story. That is a deceiption technically.
>Now take it to real life. Christians have to blend in sometimes to do our
mission. Save the Lost. We are undercover. Or, where is the difference
between a SaltWarrior and an underground church? They both get exposed as
what they truely are and they are dead.
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