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From: Jack Ray <jackray2@...>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 12:43:29 -0400
The WRs are listed, in DL order, under each section. So, the Chapter headed 
Dark Creatures, section Goblins, would have any DL 1-3 (or 4-7 or 8-10) WR's 
there. The table of contents, at the beginning, will tell you where to find 
that section. The index, at the back, lists Verse Address and WR Name. I do 
not have a spearate index by DL, but the new numbering system is easy for 
that. The last 3 digits are the WR number, the first 1 or 2, the DL. So, 
1089 would be WR 89, DL 1. 0003 is WR3, no DL (The Emergency WR's)

 On 6/14/05, dr_writer@... <dr_writer@...> wrote: 
> > Personally, I like grouping buy subject. For two reasons, some
> Difficulty Levels will not have a WordRune or TeamRune for every DC or
> dragon. We have been working with the assumption that since a
> LightRaider can use WordRunes that are a couple of levels lower than his
> Sword of the Spirit rating, we do not have to have a Goblin WordRune for
> each and every DL. So the text will seem a bit like Swiss Cheese when
> laid out this way.
> > This could also save on multiple headings throughout the text. Listing
> "Giant" at each appropriate DL with spacing and such will take up more
> room than the single group listing. This could cut down on the total
> number of pages and hence the cost of the book.
> Hard to argue with this, too. I'd forgotten that there aren't WR's of 
> every DL for each target or subject. There would definitely be a lot of 
> holes.
> And thinking about it in reverse does make some sense. If the index lists 
> WR's by DL, instead of laying out every possible category (taking into 
> account the inevitable overlapping), it would be a lot longer. An index 
> listing all the WR's once, by DL, would tighten things up considerably.
> > Yet another option is to put the DL 1-3 WordRunes in the LightRaider
> HandBook, as they are now, and the rest of the WordRunes in the WordRune
> Book. This could help new players since they will only need to carry
> around one book.
> This makes sense too. Beginning players tend to rely on the LRHB more than 
> advanced players anyway, so it would fit.
> Are we waffling too much yet, Jack? ;-)
> - Scott
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