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Read the Bible in a year by reading Acts 8:26-40 today 

He Was Reading the Book of Isaiah 
By Don Ruhl 

Luke wrote of a treasurer from Ethiopia who had gone to Jerusalem to worship. He was a convert to Judaism. On his way back home, Luke noted that the treasurer was, 

sitting in his chariot, he was reading Isaiah the prophet (Ac. 8:28). 

This man was reading the Scriptures. Guess who noticed. God did. God also knew that the man did not understand what he was reading. Therefore, God sent a preacher to the treasurer who would explain to him the meaning of the passage he was contemplating. Do you think God is going to be idle when someone is reading His word and does not understand it? Nothing is more important to God than for people to know the meaning of His Scripture. 

Would you like to be someone whom God can send to others to help them understand what they are reading? The best way to prepare is to read the Scriptures daily. You will find plenty of things that you do not understand. Seek for the answers. Your wisdom will grow slowly, but God will use you in His service. 

Question from the text: Do you know what chapter and verses from Isaiah the eunuch was reading? 

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