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Date: 13 Aug 2005 08:01:11 -0000
Read the Bible in a Year 
This morning read Psalms 87 and 88 

Avoiding the Pit 

The sons of Korah wrote Psalm 88. Do you remember Korah? He was the one who led others in rebellion against Moses. For refusing to repent, Korah and all those who sided with him, the earth swallowed them up. It was as though they went down into a pit for their refusal to glorify God's arrangement for running Israel through Moses. However, the sons of Korah did not join their father in his rebellion. Yet, death still sought to hunt them down, and if death succeeded, they would not be able to glorify God. It is interesting that they used the "pit" imagery to picture the possibility of death. 

4	I am counted with those who go down to the pit;
	I am like a man who has no strength...
	(Psa. 88:4). 

The problem was that they had not completed their glorification of God. We all must die, but we do not want to die before we have the chance to complete our glorification of God. Korah was a priest and should have had a long career, bringing honor to God through the work of a priest. However, Korah's early death prevented his full glorification of God. The sons of Korah did not want to be like their father, going down to the pit, symbolically being swallowed up by the earth before they had completed their glorification of God. 

They understood that the purpose of men and women is to glorify God. Do you see that as your purpose? If you fear death is it because you fear being cut off before you have the chance to do all that you want to do for the Lord?

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