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Date: 17 Dec 2005 08:01:46 -0000
Read the Bible in a Year 
This morning read Amos 7--9 

Prayer Changes Things 

Amos knew of Israel's sins, seeing them with his own eyes. However, God revealed more of Israel's sins to the prophet. Because of these sins, God started to punish Israel; nevertheless, the prophet loved his brethren. God showed the prophet that He was forming a locust swarm to devastate Israel. After seeing the vision, listen to what Amos did, and the Lord's response to the prophet. 

And so it was, when they had finished eating the grass of the land, that I said:
	�O Lord GOD, forgive, I pray!
	Oh, that Jacob may stand,
	For he is small!� 	
So the LORD relented concerning this. �It shall not be,� said the LORD.
(Amos 7:2, 3, NKJV)

God listened to a man! God changed His proposed course of action against an entire nation, because of the prayer of one man! Whoa! That is awesome! My friends, I do not know what else to show you that demonstrates the connections we have with the One who is running this world. Knowing of this, I just prayed for America, that He would heal the divisions in this nation. I prayed for the same in the church. 

I need some help from my PC-Windows using friends. In the quotation from Amos above, the quotation marks are the curly ones rather than the straight ones. However, on our Macintosh computers, which is what I use, the quotes will come across as the curly ones, otherwise known as smart quotes. However, PCs do not always bring these across. Instead you might see some weird symbols and characters. You might see %20 or something like that. So, can you PC-Windows people let me know how the quotes come out on your computers. Thanks.