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From: "David Davis" <davidh@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 13:29:44 -0500
Hi All,
  I had fully intended to publish Eternal Ink today. As is my morning ritual ;
I turned on the TV to catch up on the latest news. Much to my dismay ; my
morning was disrupted by some awful breaking news... one tower of the World
Trade Center had been hit by a suicide bomber. Eighteen minutes later the
second tower was stuck. One and a half hours later....neither tower was

   Their is no telling how many casualties were involved. During all this time
of chaos,in New York City, the Pentagon was also crashed in to.All in all, this
has been the worst day of terrorist attacks in US history.

    Many questions remain : is our intelligence really up to par?, who plotted
these dastardly acts?,and others. Those questions are not of major concern

     The major concern has to be the families of those lost in this cowardly
act. I would,personally, like to ask for your prayers
for those who remain. For the valiant firemen,policemen,and all other emergency
personell as they cope with this tragedy. Last,but certainly not least,for the
families who lost loved ones,that they will be filled with the peace of God
which passes all understanding.

      Let's also be in prayer that a tragedy of this magnitude will never
happen again. It is easy,right now, to assign blame to who we *think* might be
the perpetrators. Let's also pray that the individual(s) responsible might have
a change of heart before it is everlasting to late.

 God Bless You,