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A Hollywood Insider Speaks
 by Barry Newton

Hollywood talent agent Kim Dorr claims our
participation in culture shapes what we think. Culture
crystallizes our thoughts. And she sees Hollywood as
one of the biggest contributors to culture.

She understands change comes through a yeast-like
process permeating dough. Slow. Almost imperceptible.
Constant. Ideas have consequences.

In her words, when we consume the film industry’s mega-
narratives with their various embedded belief systems
and worldviews, we will either increasingly conform to
the messages or rail against them.

Assume she is right about culture, the media and
transformation. Which of the following would constitute
part of an authentic and responsible Christianity?

* Guard what enters your mind

* Help children think critically about the
entertainment they consume

* Daily spend time digesting scripture's mega-narrative
and message

* Be the yeast by promoting God's will

* Pray for ourselves and the world in which we live

Perhaps the bigger question is, how have we
deliberately lived for Christ in our culture during the
last couple of weeks? Could evidence be amassed to
convict us of being a Christian?

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