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Science Will Win?
 by John Henson

In a June 2010 interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer,
Stephen Hawking, the renowned physicist and scientist
said, "Science will win because science works."

Is science in a contest?

Of course, there are some invisible parts to this
"argument." Part of it is Hawking's reputation as the
person who "knows more about the universe than almost
any other person to ever walk the planet."/1

And, another part is the almost fanatical following
pragmatism has, especially in the United States where
it originated in the works of John Dewey and William
James in the early 1900's. The basic tenant of
pragmatism is, "whatever works is good."

Of course, this is fine when applied to my 1996 Dodge
Neon, but isn't true in much else, especially when it
comes to morality and religion.

Yet, it is amazing how many people have adopted this
philosophy. Just because something "works," doesn't
make it true or good. Poison gas works, but it isn't

So, when Hawking's prowess as a scientist is combined
with the power of pragmatic thinking, some would just
surrender to the superior intellect.

One other statement Hawking made in the ABC interview
is interesting. The man who knows more about the
universe than almost any other person to ever walk the
planet said, "I want to know why the universe exists,
why there is something greater than nothing."/2

Get a Bible, Stephen, and you'll find the answer to
both questions. 
2/ Ibid

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