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From: Lucy24@...
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:40:44 EST
>> Who invented leap years??!!  What a weirdo, i mean, "Hey guys, the
calendar's  wrong so here's the plan:  years divisble by 4 are leap years,
except if by 100  and not 400!  Trust me, it works!!"
Well, not to weird, but it just makes you wonder. <<

Think of it as Gregory's own little make-work program. I mean, if you think
about what all those guys hanging out at the Vatican in the 16th century
_could_ have been getting up to...

Trivia: The "Julian" calendar is not the calendar devised by Julius Caesar.
Augustus came along afterward and simply couldn't deal with the idea that
"his" month would only have 30 days in it. Hence all those jingles and
counting-on-the-knuckles tricks we learned in childhood. (And the Cyrillic
alphabet wasn't developed by St Cyril. It's all right, Bill, put away that
gavel. I'm done.)

Now, about those extension prefs...