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From: "jonathan" <jonathan@...>
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 13:07:36 +0100
>For "Pete" <furbies@...> and his nascent 
>full-fledged installer in FB, I would recommend an 
>installer feature I always badly miss.  A customer
>deserves to have an installation logfile stating with
>great candor which files have been installed or modified; 
>which files deleted or moved (and where); and which 
>resource forks have been changed.  


I heartily agree and I kick myself for not mentionning this.
I recently installed/disinstalled  OE 4.5 (please don't hiss)
because of this - even with a personnalised install
it managed not only to throw tens of megas of unknown stuff
in my system, but *didn't* tell me what it had done.
I used the dates tp track changed files and trashed it

An installer should either put all in the application's
folder (shared Libs allow this) or inform what it has
changed in the system folder, and *never* erase something
in a system folder, if it wants to replace something
already there it should move it out to a 'replaced System
folder Items' folder.