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From: David Blache <microcsm@...>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 97 11:31:31 -0600
In a message dated 12/14/97 9:24 AM, you wrote:

>My son just can't wake up in the morning.  I think he's trained his
>unconscious mind to tune out the sound of his alarm clock.
>But if only I could program his Mac to start up the strains of "Bad, Bad
>Leroy Brown" from his Jim Croce CD at 6:30 AM, I'll bet that would get
>his blood flowing.  He'd have to leave his Mac on all night, but he
>tends to do that anyway.
>It seems like this shouldn't be too hard to do, once you know the
>secret.  Does anyone here know how to fiddle with Audio CD's

Rick, I think with the latest system's (7.61+), you can set the CD to 
automatically start playing any CD in the drive when a CD is inserted.  
That might also hold true for any CD in the drive _when the computer is 
started up_.  If that were the case, you could just set the computer to 
come on at 6:00 and be done with it.   Of course, that assumes the Bad 
Bad Leroy Brown is the first track on the CD...

Barring that I do believe there are AppleScript / Apple Event interfaces 
to the AppleCD Audio Player.  Just not sure where you would go to get 
more info on them...

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