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From: "Matthew Beedle" <MattBeedle@...>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 20:21:02 -0900
Hi there everyone, well I just a major project that I call the Foxchange
FutureBASIC Libraries, it is located here:


The real fun thing is the project that is included, this project makes use
of the different Foxchange Libraries, this is Foxchange Shareware's latest
ground breaking technolegy, provided as open source for the betterment of
the FutureBASIC community.

_lib_calc.incl - a simple library with an FN for collision detection
_lib_colors.incl - setting various numbers by numberss to work with 256
_lib_events.incl - an FN to force a refresh event
_lib_getkeys.incl - A group of FNs that drasticly assist in using FN
GETKEYS, one that will return the string of a key being pressed, ex:<LEFT>
Also with these you can make convert a keyname to number and check if it's
_lib_gworld.incl - This source is good for gworlds. Built in this allows you
to use gworlds in a perfect and flawless manner with great ease.
_lib_menubar.incl - hide and show the menu bar
_lib_mouse.incl - simple mouse libraries
_lib_music.incl - everything you need for those quicktime music playing
The project is ready to go, every FN in the libraries are set with @FN and
then DEF FN, therefore you are able to call any FN from another .incl
without including it.

...and then there is some more goodies....

The Foxchange WDEF source for all WDEF lovers
2 good working with Gworlds examples
A folder that explain how to play quicktime movies as music, several of them
The original how to make a game HTML tutorial
There also is my old game projects for your looking pleasure, Bouncing
Boxes, Cards, Scrolling Game, SPOTZ game