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From: "Chris" <behmc@...>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 08:51:02 -0500
> Hi guys...I have 11 computers, 8 printers, and one server, some old, that
> are hooked up via localtalk.  I think I need to get off my rear and do the
> ethernet thing and add a few more computers.
> This brings up at least two issues.
> 1) I use the OPEN "N", to open a file and access it.  Sometimes the file may
> be accessed for an hour and by using this command, others may also access it
> and currently do a short or even a long access also.  With ethernet, can
> others also access the file/server using this command?  Can they open and
> read other files used by the program?  My understanding is that ethernet
> sends out dips to tell others terminals that the net is being used and they
> have to wait.  Is this a problem with this code and/or does the printer
> stuff create the same issue.  I have to have the ability for all computers
> to have access to the network at the same time.

Actually, when a node on an ethernet network tries to send a packet, if the
line is in use then it backs off (waits) and then tries again. Ethernet has
an algorithm that it uses to determine how long to wait before trying again.
With your number of computers you will probably never know unless you run a
game of Quake or something :)

> 2) I have no idea how to set up ethernet and there are no local Apple
> dealers.  Do you know of anyway/source to guide me on how to set this up and
> the best way to get the fastest situation?  I know nothing about the
> mechanical ways nor the theoretical issues such as half or full duplex, hubs
> or swithers, several small hubs or one with a large series of ports, etc.
> No thoughts/abilities to know which would be the easiest, fastest, most
> reliable such as Asante, Farralon, etc.

I could probably answer this question, but I'm not an expert and would
probably confuse you instead of helping :) I'll leave it to another soul.