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From: Sylvain Guillemette <allmedia@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 00:32:55 -0500
>Sylvain wrote:
><<EDIT FIELD -1, %128, (4,4)-(WINDOW(2) -5, WINDOW(3) -5), _statNoFramed,
>SCROLL BUTTON -1,1,1,1,1, , _scrollVert>>
>On my system this gives two overlapping vertical scroll bars.

Two ?????
MMmmmm... :-)

>Try this instead:
>  EDIT FIELD#-1,%128, (4,4)-(WINDOW(2)-17,
>  SCROLL BUTTON#-1,1,1,1,1,(WINDOW(2)-16,0)-(WINDOW(2),WINDOW(3)),_scrollOther
>1. Right margin of EF is decreased to allow room for vertical scroll.
>2. Actual coordinates or scroll rect are used.
>3. Type of scroll is changed to _scrollOther.
>Hope this helps.
>Steve Van Voorst

Thanks Steve, but the problem is still there with your solution.
What i want is simple: i want the 'page increment/decrement' parameter
in SCROLL BUTTON to work as it should when clicking in the scroll bar.

Why is this parameter there if it doesn't work?
(well, it must work, but how ?)