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From: "Michael Evans" <mikonic@...>
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 17:25:36 -0400

Wow! that was a fast response....

> Michael,
> Do you get this error when using the original resource handle, not your
> copy of it? If so, perhaps calling DetachResource on the original
> handle, and using that might do the trick.

OK, I'll try detaching the handle instead of making a copy of it...
Can I def disposeh a detached resourece handle to get rid of it, or do I
still need to call releaseresource?

> Also, wouldn't the Toolbox FN HandToHand be useful here?
I've always found the syntax of FN HandToHand puzzling and I got into the
habit of doing it this way when, in an earlier version of FB, FN HandToHand
just did not work...

> If you look at FN UseAlias (which I'm sure you have), the alis resource
> is also set to non-purgable before the call to FN RESOLVEALIAS.
OK, but if I've made a copy of the alias handle, or detached it, and I've
locked the copy handle or the detached handle, is your comment still valid?


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