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From: Doug Hull <doug_hull@...>
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 13:35:48 -0500
        Reply to:   RE>>[FB] slow or no mouse clicks

Hey Al thanks!  One thing I forgot to put in my first message, I assume when
using HANDLEEVENTS you should not use TIMER ON as well?  If so how do I
control turning the timer on and off?  I really do not want the TIMER option
running all the time!

Thanks again,

Date: 06/07/1999 12:01 PM
To: Doug Hull
From: futurebasic@...
>For some reason after my
>code gets to this total size of 356k (which is not big at all) my buttons and
>check boxes seem not to respond on the first click and not even the second or
>third click at times.  In my main file I use on dialog, on event, on mouse, 
>on break and handlevents.  When there is less code in the the total program
>the buttons and check boxes work fine.  Would anyone have any advice on what
>my problem might be?

1. Make sure you don't have any BREAK ONs.
2. Make sure you don't call FLUSHEVENTS anywhere.
does that for you.
4. Check some of your dialog and mouse code to make sure the program isn't 
getting held up there for a while such as waiting for mouse movement, waiting 
for button down, any long loops.
5. Check how your windows are getting refreshed. If you have overlapping 
windows, your program may be continuosly calling refresh events depending on 
your code.

Al Staffieri Jr.


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