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From: Mel Patrick <mel@...>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 09:16:21 -0700
> > How about running mac applications on a pc with "gemulator" macintosh
> > emulation software for windows? I have done just a brief test and 
>found that
> > one of my compiled FB2 applications seemed to run fine. I understand there
> > are at least 2 companies selling Mac emulators for pc hardware.
> >
>What emulator companies?

Fusion, MacArdi to name two. Fusion is the best of the two. It 
actually uses the Mac ROM (in software of course) but doesn't run in 
Windows mode, it only runs in Dos mode.




I found my software runs fine on some PC's with Fusion, but on others 
the Fusion software itself will not run. This has something to do 
with on the interupt lines from the real time clock that Fusion uses 
as a heart beat timer.

The real fun comes from running you Mac, then starting VPC, then 
running Fusion in DOS, all to get back to a Mac...;-)

Mel Patrick